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Benefits of Front Fire and Top Fire Blank Guns | MaxArmory Blank Firing Guns

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Benefits of Front Fire and Top Fire Blank Guns

Did you know that blank firing guns come in two different firing types? That is right. Front Fire and Top Fire offer the look, feel, and sound of real firearms without the lethal projectile, making them indispensable in certain scenarios. Whether it's for stage and screen, training exercises, or just for the pure joy of collecting, the world of blank guns is both fascinating and complex. Today, we delve into the specifics of two distinct types: front fire and top fire blank guns. We'll explore their benefits, provide examples, and help you understand which might best suit your needs.


Understanding Blank Guns

Before we dive into the technical side of front fire and top fire mechanisms, let's clarify what we mean by blank firing guns, replica guns, starter pistols, or simulators. Blank firing guns are designed to fire only blank ammunition, which creates a muzzle flash and loud report without shooting any kind of projectile. They're manufactured to look and feel like real guns and are used in various settings, such as movie sets, military training and track and field to name a few.


What is Front Firing?

Blank Firing Gun - Front Fire - MaxArmory

Front-firing blank guns are designed to emit the flash and bang from the muzzle - the front end of the barrel. This creates a more realistic firing effect, replicating the exact appearance of a real gun when discharged. Examples of front-firing blank guns include the Zoraki M914 and Ekol Jackal. These models are often used in film production and theatrical performances where authenticity is crucial. You can easily identify them because of its ATF Orange Tip sticking out.


What is Top Firing?

Blank Firing Gun - Top Fire - MaxArmory

Top-firing blank guns are a type of non-lethal firearm replicas that discharge blank cartridges. Unlike front-firing blank guns, which expel gas and flash from the muzzle, top-firing blank guns release the gas and flash from a vent at the top of the gun, often near the front of the slide or the barrel. This design is specifically intended to make it clear that the gun is not a live firearm, which enhances safety and reduces the risk of misuse. You can easily identify them because of its ATF Orange Plug inside the barrel. These models do not have a hollow barrel at all.



These models come in various shapes and sizes, mimicking the appearance of real handguns, and are available in calibers that match common blank cartridges like 8mm, 9mm, and 380 PAK blanks. The use of top-firing blank guns is a responsible choice for scenarios where the illusion of a firearm is necessary but where the safety of the participants is of paramount importance. On the other hand, Front Fire offers more realism and impact for action scenes and many other applications.

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