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What is a Blank Firing Gun?

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Have you ever wonder what kind of guns are used on all action movies, reenactments, and many military or police training? They have many names, such as “Prop Guns”, “Replica Guns”, or “blank firing guns". Out of those, there is one name that is used more frequently, Blank Firing Guns.

The word Prop is a short version for Property, which comes from the fact that it’s an item that belongs to a stage (Cambridge Dictionary). This can also be applied to any other item used on such events. Therefore, you can apply that term to all types of guns used for theatrical related events, regardless if it’s a rifle, light-machine gun, revolver, or shotgun. Now you know what it refers to, but what about the two firing types and ammunition? There is more to that.

These blank firing guns are engineered to feel, flash, and sound like a real one. There are two main categories. The first one is Front Firing. It focuses on producing a realistic sound in all directions and a flash coming out of the barrel. Those are easy to identify, because they have a blaze orange tip outside the barrel. The second type is the Top Firing. One easy way to identify them is by their orange plug inside the barrel. The sound is as loud as the front firing, but the flash comes from the top side. Keep in mind that the loudness can be lowered by simply using half load blank ammunition. The following video shows the actual difference in more detail:

As you might have guessed, movie prop ammunition does not use bullets or anything that can be used as a lethal projectile. It’s just a cartridge that holds the gunpowder for sound and flare effects. When it comes to caliber, then it’s all proportional to the magazine, chamber, and consequently the barrel size for each model. For example, a 8mm caliber prop gun will not handle a 9mm caliber, and vice-versa. Form follows function, right?

When purchasing a movie prop gun or blank firing gun, it’s imperative to know about your local and state laws. Remember, these are not toys and there are strict regulations that must be followed. You must take care of it as a real one. Always use the correct caliber, and avoid any mechanical issues by cleaning and lubricating it. Hope this short informative blog helped you get a better understanding. Contact us with question, we are here to help and educate our customers.


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