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Blank Ammunition

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Millions of dollars are made by the action movie industry, thanks to the realism of blank ammunition. Not only that, it’s heavily used among military, and police for training purposes on a daily basis. If you had the opportunity to fire them, then you know how real it feels. How is it possible to have that realistic gun sound and visual effect?

The secret resides within the construction and gunpowder load. When you look at any blank ammo, you will notice that it looks real, except that there is no bullet on the tip. Instead, it has a green cap which holds the gunpowder. Remember, there is no lethal projectile coming out of the cartridge when firing. Just like real ammunition, blank ones do have a case, rim, primer and propellant (aka gunpowder).

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The later one will directly impact the experience when shooting. You have the option to buy full load or half load. The full load is used for maximum flare and sound blast effect. The half load is used mostly on theatrical events, for obvious reasons. You don’t want to deafen your audience, right?

Max Armory does offer both types of load and a huge variety of movie prop guns for any occasion. We also carry specific revolver blanks. Don’t forget to check the latest blowout sales. Feel free to contact us with questions.

-Max Armory

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