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Maxsell Concealment Holster Belly Band


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Maxsell's Concealment Holster Belly Band
Finally a Concealment Holster that makes all other holsters obsolete! The belly band is superior to anything on the market at any price. This "Superlastic" holster will not stretch out of shape. You can tuck in your shirt and still have immediate access to your weapon even while wearing a seatbelt.

This holster comes complete with three compartments: one for your handgun and one on each side for your knife, ID, money, cell phone, flashlight, etc. We have tested countless leg, shoulder, and hip holsters and found that none can compete with the comfort and accessibility of this concealment holster. It enables you to carry a handgun completely concealed while allowing immediate access to your gun.

The holster can be turned to leave your firearm positioned anywhere around the waist for right-hand or left-hand draw. Due to its elasticity, the concealment holster is the perfect solution for gun enthusiasts who own more than one firearm.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Fits most handguns. Most waist sizes available for immediate shipment. Fits waist sizes 32-62.
The preferred way to wear this holster is just below the waist line with the top edge of the holster leveled with the top edge of the regular dress belt (slightly lower than shown in the image above). The tension from your belt as well as the holster itself will hold the gun close to your body and make the gun "disappear".

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