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Zoraki 2918 9mm Blank Gun - Front-Firing Black

Atak Arms

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Zoraki 2918 Front Fire 9mm Blank Firing Gun Black Finish

Looking for a realistic firearm replica for training or theatrical purposes? Look no further than the Zoraki 2918 9mm Blank Gun. This front-firing blank gun is crafted with attention to detail, boasting a sleek black finish and realistic weight and feel.

Blank Guns are perfect for use in training scenarios, movie productions, or as a prop in live-action roleplaying. With its impressive firepower and authentic design, the Zoraki 2918 is sure to make a lasting impression. Get your hands on this must-have blank gun today.

2918 Blank Gun Features:
Capacity: 18 Shots
Weight: 1.90 lb.
Height: 5.6" 
Length: 7.9" 
Finish: Black
Caliber: 9mm PAK
Includes: Blank Gun, Magazine, Signal Flare, Cleaning Rod and Hardshell case

You must be 18 to purchase. No federal license required. This blank firing gun cannot be converted to fire live ammo. It fires and loads 9mm Pak Blank Cartridges only. It complies with ATF regulations and has been approved by them for sale in the United States. 

This 2918 blank gun has a blaze orange marking permanently affixed to the barrel in compliance with Department of Commerce regulations (15 CFR 1150.2). Any unauthorized attempt to alter the marking will render any blank guns to non-compliant with federal law.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
John Dinaso
Quality-Quality and Quality! @ (M.A.)

(Max Armory) I’ve concluded that these guys only offer high end products after numerous purchases through them. Fast shipping, great customer service and yet again another fully functional weapon to use for self-defense! It is very well crafted and surpasses to great extent its retail value of $119 bucks. The M2918 offers a straight forward approach to the operator. Thanks again Max Armory for a top notch experience!



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