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Zoraki HP 01-2 Ultra .22 Cal Black - Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol

Atak Arms

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Zoraki HP 01-2 Ultra .22 Cal Black - Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol 

Our Zoraki HP 01-2 Ultra Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol is built for extreme accuracy and power. Built with high quality weapons grade polymer and featuring a metal internal frame. This is the last air pistol you will ever need. Fully a adjustable trigger and sights allow simple, accurate, and safe operation. Perfect for honing your marksmanship, trigger pull, target acquisition, and much more. Our HP 01-2 Ultra model features an extended barrel for increased muzzle velocity.

- Compresses air with minimum effort
- Multiple power levels (more pumps increase pellet range)
- Adjustable trigger with four unique settings         
- Adjustable plastic orthopedic grip with ergonomic design (Right Handed)
- Rail for laser, binoculars, ‘red dot’ or any weight scope         
- Automatic trigger safety
- Recoil free shooting         
- Rifled steel barrel & high corrosion resistance
- Adjustable rear and front sight         
- Polymer/Metal Alloy Frame
- Elegant carrying case with allen key         
- Cleaning rod, and oil
- HP-01 Ultra dimensions compiles with the ISSF

Cal: .22 Pellet
14.8 Inches
6.6 inches
1.5 inches
Grip Width:
2 inches
2.4 lb
Trigger Pull:
0.7 lb - 3.9 lb
Barrel Length:

 Muzzle Velocity:
1 Pump 328.084 fps (100 m/s)
2 Pump 449.475 fps (137 m/s)
3 Pump 524.934 fps (160 m/s)
4 Pump 574.147 fps (175 m/s)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
22 caliber

I've had mine for about 2yrs now. Has great power and accuracy for a pistol. I use mine for rabbit hunting and head shots are easy out to 25 yds with it. I have a small holographic red dot sight on it. It is my favorite hunting air pistol.

Well worth the wait..

it did take forever but maxArmory delivered as promised lol. it is my fav pistol at the moment. and dont see much replacing it for price, accuracy, and power. eats any pellet and a joy to shoot. i have also found a 3d image of a stock for it online that looks very nice i may look into making… one snake on its books. ive had it since aug2021 i believe with bo issues.

Tom Butler

What an awesome air gun. I would give this gun 6 stars if I could. Built like a tank, accurate, nice trigger, what's not to like. I did remove the grip platform because my hand is too big to fit comfortably. Other than that I like the grips.
It's a big gun but not unwieldly. It has some weight to it but not as heavy as some of the smaller, all metal BB guns out there.
Muzzle velocity is close to published specs. Mine shoots an H&N 13.7gr ammo at;
1 pump 330 fps, 2 pumps 445 fps, 3 pumps 515 fps.
I didn't try 4 pumps, I found doing 3 pumps was tiring enough plus I don't like to push my air guns to their limit. If I need more power I'll use a rifle.
I only use 2 pumps most of the time for plinking, target shooting. Two pumps gives the same power as the Crosman 2240 which uses CO2 and the Zoraki is just as accurate. It can hit a frying pan at 50 yards with some holdover. Some of my rifles won't do that without great difficulty.
I haven't done a serious accuracy test yet since it's not even close to be broken in.
The barrel was filthy as received but it cleaned up quickly with some Ballistol and a dozen patches.
It gets a bit loud with 3 pumps so I ordered a custom moderator adapter from DonnyFL. That should quiet things down.
The trigger is great out of the box. I feel no need to adjust it from the factory setting, I like it the way it is.
It's a bit pricey but IMHO is worth every penny. I would buy another one in a second.

James Seiler
Awesome Tactical Engineering !

Had mine just under a week and it is a close range pesting machine !!!

Alexander D. Read
Quality and Service

Amazing service from Max Armory, throughout the whole ordering process--Item shipped immediately on scheduled date given at preorder and arrived in excellent condition.

The gun feels great, sounds great, shoots great, and is a real modern day marvel of mechanical engineering in action, with quality, handling, and precision of the highest order. Thank you, Atak Arms and Max Armory. I love this gun.



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