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MX - Military Police/Navy Badge


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Identifying yourself to the public when in between agency jobs or working an off-duty detail just got a lot easier. This new badge model features an amazing shine and vivid colors. The safety pin on the back of the badge is perfect for wearing the badge on your shirt or uniform.

Please note: This badge is to be used for visual identification only and conveys no authority.

*Requires Military Police Identification

Item Features:
Height : 3"
Width : 2"
Police Quality
Attachment : Safety Pin
Lettering : Engraved Black
Material : Metal (Solid Back Badge not Hollow)

Leather Universal Badge Holder
This badge includes our MV1A universal badge case. It holds your badge and an ID card. The holder has a flap that may be placed between the badge and your ID to prevent damage to either. The perfect choice for those who need a badge case without the added weight of extra compartments. The flap that holds your badge may also be placed over your belt for immediate display. A choice of vinyl or leather must be made above to receive this case.

Personalized ID Card

Card Size: 3 1/2" x 2 3/8"
Please select level of completion for your ID card under the option, "Card Type". See description of levels of completion below.

Blank ID - Card printed on cardstock. Information, customer photo, and lamination are completed by customer. Laminate included but not applied.
Filled Out - Customer information is printed on cardstock. Photo and lamination completed by customer. Laminate included but not applied.
Filled Out with Photo - Customer information and photograph are printed on PVC card. (best value)

Note: Custom ID cards do not have the word "sample" printed on them. The above image is for display only.
Please note: These ID cards do not convey authority and are for visual identification or entertainment purposes only.

H.R. 218 Law
July 22, 2004, President Bush signed H.R. 218 into law, Allowing qualified off-duty and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms in all 50 states.

Under this new law, off-duty and retired officers will be carrying their firearms in effect, as civilians, they won't be out patrolling and making arrests. These folks will use their firearms to defend themselves and others from violent attacks, exactly the same way that armed civilians employ their concealed guns in all the states that allow honest, law-abiding civilians to carry concealed.

Law enforcement officials have advised the following. You need to identify yourself by BADGE and by WORD. When identifying yourself, use the loudest voice possible so witnesses will hear you and be able to corroborate your account of the incident later.



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