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8mm Blank Ammo - 1 Box of 50 Rounds

8mm Blank Ammo - 1 Box of 50 Rounds

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8mm Blanks - 50 Rounds
The report (sound made) when firing this ammunition is slightly quieter than  9mm live rounds. Maxsell has tested countless other manufactureres and these rounds are simply the best.
The powder residue left after firing these rounds is much less compared to that of other lesser quality blanks. This is a very important characterisic for blank ammunition. The more residue left of your replica the more likely it is to misfire. It is very important to keep your replica clean and oiled.
WARNING! "Let The Buyer Beware"
Because of the world wide shortage of ammunition, new suppliers have entered the marketplace offering sub-standard blank ammo. This ammo is to our guns what watered down gasoline is to a vehicle. The auto will run but will not perform optimally. Maxsell Corp. will no longer guarantee the operation of their blank firing firearms when ammunition other than that purchased from Maxsell is used in their products. "Let the buyer beware."




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