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Dealer Program

Maxsell Corporation has been in business since 1987 and is the largest distributor of police quality badges, badge cases, and replica guns. We are your domestic supplier for high quality international products. We import thousands of items regularly for stock so that you don't have to.

Why buy from MaxDealer?
Maxsell Corporation is an importer for many different international manufacturers. Expand your merchandise base and increase your profitability by limiting the number of middle men involved in importing your goods. With Maxsell Corporation regularly importing thousands of items to keep in stock in the United States, you save yourself time, money, and the space you'd normally occupy to keep stock.

How to Become a Dealer for Maxsell Corporation:
Maxsell Corporation requires proof of business operation. Therefore, any applicant must first email or fax a copy of their CURRENT business or occupational license. Maxsell Corporation does not guarantee acceptance for every applicant and every license is subject to approval.

Dealer Terms: (Updated 6/18/2018)

1- First order must have a minimum of $500.

2- Must have a store front or website.

3- Must have a license or tax certificate.

4- Must agree with Maxsell's Terms and Conditions.

5- Minimum of 1 order within 2-3 months.

Create an online account here - then follow up with required documents.
E-mail to or fax to (954) 571-2101

Once approved, Maxsell Corporation requires that its dealers remain active in order to maintain their discount. The minimum activity level for dealers is at least one order every 2-3 months. Any dealer that does not meet this minimum activity level may subsequently lose their dealer status.

Orders may be placed online with a credit card. Maxsell Corporation does not have open accounts for dealers. It is required that all dealers keep a valid credit card on file with Maxsell Corporation at all times. When the order is being placed, the invoice will only reflect charges for the subtotal, not including shipping and handling fees. Maxsell Corporation will always calculate shipping and handling charges prior to shipment, once the items ordered are weighed and prepared properly. This minimizes shipping cost discrepancies. Maxsell Corporation does not profit from shipping and handling fees.

Maxsell Corporation will dropship to your customer per request for a per-order fee of $3.00. Any orders shipped to the dealer will not include this fee. Any dropshipped orders will not include any Maxsell Corporation advertisements.

Return Policy:
Maxsell does not accept returns under any circumstances. Defective or returned items are the dealer's responsibility. Quality control, testing, and inspection is done at the factory level. Maxsell Corporation is not responsible for any damage that occurs while the items are in transit. Maxsell Corporation is also not responsible for any lost packages. Dealers shipping outside of the United States are expected to understand the recipient country's customs regulations. Any seized packages will be the dealer's responsibility. In the event that package is damaged or lost, Maxsell will file a claim with FedEx or USPS. Refunds are contingent on the outcome of the claim.

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