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Zoraki HP 01-2 Ultra .22 Cal Black - Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol

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Zoraki HP 01-2 Ultra .22 Cal Black - Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol 

Our Zoraki HP 01-2 Ultra Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Pistol is built for extreme accuracy and power. Built with high quality weapons grade polymer and featuring a metal internal frame. This is the last air pistol you will ever need. Fully a adjustable trigger and sights allow simple, accurate, and safe operation. Perfect for honing your marksmanship, trigger pull, target acquisition, and much more. Our HP 01-2 Ultra model features an extended barrel for increased muzzle velocity.

- Compresses air with minimum effort
- Multiple power levels (more pumps increase pellet range)
- Adjustable trigger with four unique settings         
- Adjustable plastic orthopedic grip with ergonomic design (Right Handed)
- Rail for laser, binoculars, ‘red dot’ or any weight scope         
- Automatic trigger safety
- Recoil free shooting         
- Rifled steel barrel & high corrosion resistance
- Adjustable rear and front sight         
- Polymer/Metal Alloy Frame
- Elegant carrying case with allen key         
- Cleaning rod, and oil
- HP-01 Ultra dimensions compiles with the ISSF

Cal: .22 Pellet
14.8 Inches
6.6 inches
1.5 inches
Grip Width:
2 inches
2.4 lb
Trigger Pull:
0.7 lb - 3.9 lb
Barrel Length:

 Muzzle Velocity:
1 Pump 328.084 fps (100 m/s)
2 Pump 449.475 fps (137 m/s)
3 Pump 524.934 fps (160 m/s)
4 Pump 574.147 fps (175 m/s)

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