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Denix Richard the Lionheart Sword - Nickel

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Denix Richard the Lionheart Sword - Nickel
Son of Henry II and King of England 1189-99, Richard I was known as a very powerful king, a chivalrous knight, and a fearless warrior. He was called Coeur de Lion or Richard the Lionheart, but he is best known as the Crusader King for his involvement in the Crusades. The Lionheart sword by Denix, which comes complete with a scabbard, is a representation of the sword he carried in his quest for Jerusalem. The blades of Denix daggers and swords are cast from a metal alloy and cannot be sharpened, making them safe for display in family environments.
Item Features:
Blade Length: 28"
Handle Length: 7"
Overall Length: 35"
Weight: 3lbs 7oz



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