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The AK47 is indisputably the most produced and iconic firearm design in history. Its distinctive curved magazine and pistol grip are recognized even by those with little knowledge of guns. The AK's ubiquitous presence on the world stage for more than six decades after its adoption as the standard Soviet-issue rifle can be squarely laid at the feet of Joseph Stalin, and its spread pinned on his successors. Although Cold War secrecy will prevent us from ever knowing the true number of AK-47-based rifles produced, some estimates put it at more than 100 million. This weapon can be famously seen in movies such as Xmen:First Class, Rambo 3, Blood Diamond and countless others.

Item Features
Height: 9.75"
Length: 35.5"
Weight: 6 lb

Resin Replicas
Resin is less flexible than rubber, but more durable. It is poured into a mold that is scaled and detailed exactly like the real life counterpart. A vacuum chamber is used to evenly fill the mold with resin. Solid cast resin replicas are accurate, highly detailed, steel reinforced, and impact resistant. They accurately emulate the feel, weight, and balance of the actual weapon. Maxsell has been offering firearm replicas for the military, law enforcement organizations, and film producers since 1987. "I would not offer a replica that wasn't the highest quality available at the best price" - Maxsell Corporation Owner.

Maxsell Corporation
offers the highest quality one-to-one scale non-firing replicas. Build your collection without the expense or legal issues associated with owning a real gun. Replica Resin Weapons are the go-to choice for motion picture companies when choosing a safe yet realistic approach to adding weapons to their films. Our replicas are also perfect for training scenarios and are used by numerous law enforcement and military.

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