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Mini Tizona Sword

Art Gladius

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El Cid and also "El Cid Campeador" is the name commonly used for the main medieval Spanish knight and hero, whose real name was Rodrigo Daz de Vivar (born in Vivar, Burgos, Spain circa 1045, died in Valencia, Spain in July 1099). His sword "Tizona" can still be seen in the Army Museum at Madrid. Soon after his death it became one of the most precious possessions of the Spanish royal family. The Tizona mini sword is a fine miniature of the larger sword produced by Art Gladius. The Tizona blade is made of stainless steel and as in much detail as their larger counterparts. Art Gladius Tizona mini sword is a perfect accent for the home or office. Tizona miniature swords are great for weddings, parties, medieval faires and events.

Item Features:
Overall Length: 10 5/8"
Weight: 3oz
Blade Length: 8 1/2"



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