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License to Smoke - Identification Card - MaxArmory

License to Smoke - Identification Custom ID Card


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Card Reads:
The bearer of this license to smoke anywhere, is aware that smoking may cause cancer and death. By accepting these conditions Federal Law now exempts this person from any laws that prohibit open smoking of cigarettes in public establishments. This right to smoke is granted in the U.S. Constitution and may not be abridged. As a citizen of the United States you have the right to disagree and may do so by calling. Registry No. 054839 1-800-Eat-Shit

Start a conversation with a pretty gal anywhere. Carry 1 real cigarette. Take it out and put it in your mouth. Turn to the gal and ask if she has a light. She will say smoking is not allowed. Pull out your "License to Smoke" and hand it to her to read. Badda-Bing! Also works for female cougars in the hunt.

This ID card is shipped without the watermarks on it



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