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7.8 Million Heavy Duty Stun Gun - B1G1 Free - MaxArmory

7.8 Million Heavy Duty Stun Gun

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7.8 Million Heavy Duty Stun Gun
Our professional grade Flashlight Stun Gun is perfect for professionals seeking to protect themselves on the job or civilians that are serious about safety. This model will allow you the open-carry protection you’re seeking so that any would-be assailant knows you are ready to protect yourself. Featuring a contoured grip, extended contact prongs, and a wrist strap. This stun gun is easy to use and, more importantly, is not easily pried away and used against you. This stun gun features a loud sound alarm that can be used to alert anyone nearby or to scare an assailant away and prevent an attack before it happens. Use the LED flashlight feature when you're in poorly lit areas or at night. Our Heavy Duty Stun Gun is rechargeable and includes a charger that fits any US wall outlet to save you money on batteries. The safety switch will prevent potential accidental discharge.

* 7.8 Million*
* Rechargeable
* Bright LED Light
* Plastic Composite
* Sound alarm Feature

Item Features
Weight: 0.55 lb
Length: 6.6"
Width: 2.25"
Depth: 1.3"
Color: Black
Includes: Belt Holster, Charger
Three Modes: Stun, Flashlight, and Alarm

Must be 18 or Older to Order

*Actual voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be the specified voltage, or more.




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