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Replica Blank Guns and Prop Guns

Blank Guns for Sale at Maxarmory
     The replica blank firing pistols have many different names, calibers, sizes, and firing types. They are a great option for gun training, movie props, theatrical reenactments, starter pistols, K9 training and emergency signals. Remember, they are not firearms because they preclude from being classified as a weapon, due to its construction and design. 
     You will here many terms or names used to describe the same non-lethal pistols such as blank firing guns, blank guns, prop guns, replica guns, stage prop, just to name a few. The main calibers are 9mmPAK, .380R (full and half load) and 8mmPAK. Sizes can vary from ultra compact to rifle size. The two types are Top Firing(orange plug) and Front Firing(orange tip). Both types can be used for semi-auto and full-auto simulations. 
     Always know what the prop gun accepts as the right blank caliber. Never mix them or assume somethign that is not stated on the manual or listing description. Read the user manual for more details, or simply take a look at any wording in the surface of the blank gun. Always treat them like real ones and never point at someone. Wear ear and eye protection at all times. Have fun and stay protected.
    We feel proud of informing our customers with actual information from primary sources and personal experiences. Now, get the best deals and feel free to contact us with questions. Buy smarter, not harder!





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