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Denix - 1849 Pocket Pistol - Nickel


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Denix - 1849 Pocket Pistol - Nickel

This .31 caliber small frame dragoon was used during the Gold Rush, Civil War, and Old West Eras. Our hideaway replica gun measures 7.75" in length and has a 5 shot rotating barrel, 3" metal octagonal barrel and wood grips. More Model 1849 Pocket Pistols were produced than any other cap-and-ball firearm. Over its 23-year production life (1850 - 1873) about 340,000 pieces were made in total. Some 200 variations were produced during this time. This non-firing replica represents the Wells Fargo model which, with its 3 inch barrel was relatively easy to carry.

Length: 7.75"
Weight: 1.2 lb



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