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Denix - Katana


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Denix - Katana

Culturally, the Edo Period produced much of what we recognize today as uniquely Japanese. Kabuki, ukiyo-e, porcelain, lacquer-ware, and especially katana all thrived during this time. During the Edo Period (1600-1868), the most famous Shogun of them all, Tokugawa Ieyasu got rid of the decentralized feudal system and installed the bakufu (military government) in the city of Edo, better known as Tokyo. Hence, putting the Samurai in great demand for their service and the use of their katana. These replica Edo Period katana are aesthetically beautiful and are wonderful representations of authentic katana found in the period.

Overall Length: 35.4"
Blade: 25.1"
Hilt: 9"



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